what is the purpose of your existence?

Destiny as a strong notion describes what one is meant to be, meant to achieve, meant to contribute, one’s sole calling to life.

Destiny as a word originates from a Latin word destinata, feminine past participle of destinare ‘make firm, establish. to Middle English from Old French- destinee. The dictionary attributes it to the hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future; fate. OR, that to which any person or thing is destined; predetermined state; condition foreordained by the Divine or by human will; fate; lot; doom.

The biblical understanding of destiny, on the other hand, is our identity in Christ Jesus as sole heirs with HIM, and the understanding that we are called to take territory establishing his kingdom on earth and spread the good news and make disciples of all nations.

Florence’s understanding of this notion is no so far from these digits.

Years back right after University I applied to restless development Uganda in the same program that I was an intern in, As a volunteer Peer educator. I was drawn to volunteer because as an intern I was interested in working in remote villages to create some kind of relief for the youth that didn’t have the same opportunities I did growing up. I imagined the experience to be interesting but it has been so much more.

I was later called to be a team leader, the youngest they have ever had and boy was I in for a journey.

I came from an individual who barely managed myself to a young lady who managed 28 volunteers in the first cycle and 36 volunteers in the next cycle.

Throughout this journey, I learned all about the young person that I am how I could change the world around me by just speaking to one young person in these communities.

I wasn’t comfortable to sit and watch so much poverty and the cycle it took. I realized that I needed to step up and lead, how young I did not matter anymore because the world I witnessed working in these communities is not one I wanted to live in.

At Florence I didn’t expect my experience as a team leader to be difficult, how hard could it be. The challenges came from working with a team of people from different backgrounds and countries. I was groomed to be assertive and have my way, I was in for a shock because my fellow team leaders proved me wrong. We constantly fought about how to manage the team. And the fact that I was the only African in the group made me self conscious about being the minority and making me feel sorry for myself.
I learned that I didn’t need to fight for my position to lead but my actions would speak for themselves. I realized that I didn’t need to be on top of everything but I would trust the team I was in to handle things.

I learned that keeping silent and listening was more important than me constantly trying to make my point.

I learned to trust in my ability to lead and not second guess myself because a whole team relied on me.


You are the One that Jesus loves

As all great stories start, a great tale of old is sang about a surprise visitor at a prayer place. Note the self-appointed chief priest with three complaining wives called the meeting to order. They had just caught word that a great visitor was coming to the village and as always they were the least expectant. This particular group of people had nothing beautiful about them, nothing to boast about. The structure they chose to hold “prayers” in was a gutter that mice wouldn’t live in because they would starve. What drew them together was the fact that they had somewhat unusual professions and were not considered polite company. Rose, the town prostitute was in the meeting that day and so was Henry the blind leper. The meeting had been called weeks after everyone in the village had known the news about the visitor.

We will all equally contribute towards buying the soda that day and yes all of you need to take a shower and dress up nicely, Njoge finally spoke after bringing the meeting to order. As always he was really passionate about giving instructions so his eyes were closed, thus he didn’t notice the deafening silence that had befallen the group. On opening his eyes he notices a strange man sited right next to Rose the proustite. And awkwardly enough this stranger fit right in this group of outcasts. He was beginning to make everyone uncomfortable because he wouldn’t stop smiling.

I am the visitor you have been waiting for he said, as he touched Henry the leper, embracing him, something not even his mother had done in years!!!

Jesus will go to the worst of places, the worst of situations to find you because He has loved you with an everlasting love! His feelings towards you will not be changed by anything no matter how bad. He sees you and He knows you- the real you!


Love Utterances 🍂

If I reflect on how much pain I have felt over the years for whatever reason, I probably wouldn’t be here. As human beings we hurt much more than we are willing to admit. My question is for what? Sometimes I look at relationships that could have worked, but because we have different views the result is pain. We constantly fight to be right but is it worth it. Pain is a motiver of different chain reactions.
I see so many people walking around with half the heart they were born with. They are basically walking around with layers of hurt, dating back centuries.
Pain is a normal emotion, that by nature everyone is prone to experience, how you handle it is the biggest question?

Sometimes I feel like we know better than to speak hurtful words, make bad comments about others or constantly think we are correcting by being hurtful. They say that what we say is a reflection of what is in our hearts.

Over the years I have realized that the pain with often go through leaves a scar behind. You can choose to heal or continuously visit that wound over and over again.

I have learned to choose my words carefully because what ever you say to a child or anyother person has a lasting effect and the worst consequences.
Do you know that badly mannered woman who is constantly talking bout other people, and no one wants to be around her? She is in pain because hurt people hurt people to feel better.

I was raised a strong woman so am quite unapologetic for anything, but there are moments when am forced to reflect, and I tell myself that it was not necessary for me to have said that.

What are you telling the people around you. Is it necessary to say it because you want to make a point. The statistics of people taking their own lives because of what someone said to them are sad.

Love is supposed to be a beautiful thing don’t make it ugly with your words. What happened to fighting for each other, supporting each other, encouraging each other, let someone else have the last say, you will sleep better.
We were created to bring light and love. Protect the child in everyone and speak life, you will be better for it.


🍂Breathe it’s only a Season 🍂


The Battle for the thoughts that cross your mind is real. Your mind works around the clock to keep you in good motion or bad motion depending on what you choose to focus on. The people that are content and happy or seem to have it together are not different from you, they just affirm themselves every single day to the truth of who they are and what they want to be.

We are caged by our insecurities, illusions and limitations, as to what life could be but its too hard to work at it . I have come to learn in this season that my thoughts will determine what happens in my everyday life. How far l can go is up to my quality of thoughts. Regardless of circumstances l chose to feed my positive , happy inner person, because in the end, its who l want to be. In this season am trusting God and taking a leap of faith , stepping out of my safety and leaving everything to Him who cares more about my Future than l do.

l am reminded that He holds every breath, every moment, unseen, witnessed. Only His word stands, over our past, our future, over everything we hold dear, over the things we don’t understand
He is infinite and He is sovereign.We were never alone, He was there from the beginning of time

Be still and know that He is in control
In this moment in time, we are in the presence of God. The evidence is all around you, take a moment to reflect and listen

🌼Remember that, You are Fully Known and Loved
~ God knows the details of your Story
~ You are accepted just the way you are
~ You are valuable
~ You are in control of your thoughts
~ You are not a bystander in your life story🌼

We Trade in Love ❤️

Be loved Beloved!

Dear child,

Doubting that you are loved can open the door to many dangerous things. KEEP IT CLOSED!

We all grow up in different situations, adopted, orphaned, abandoned, surrounded by family but feel misunderstood and empty. Whatever the case, you were born loved by God! Refuse to cower in self-pity and judgment! Refuse to feel depressed and isolated to cringe in an endless cycle of pain. You are called Beloved. As He says also in Hosea: “I will call them My people, who were not My people, And her beloved, who was not beloved.” Romans 9:25 NKJV

You were born to be loved and cherished. Allow yourself to be loved by God and in that understand the power and strength you have. Understanding that you are loved changes everything.

In one of his books, Ap. Mosze talks about love being the underlying drive to everything.

“Understanding the grace and love of God has been one of the greatest blessings to Worship Harvest. The Bible declares that we love Him because He first loved us (1 john 4:19)

For them to love, they must understand that they are loved. This is the crux of the matter that I’m talking about. In other words, our love for God is incumbent on our understanding, believing and receiving His love. Our love for others is determined by this same principle.”

An individual that understands and knows that He/she is loved, acts quite oppositely from one who doesn’t. They ooze confidence and are self-assured. They know that no matter what life throws at them, someone is there to help them go through it and carry them from season to season. You can’t extend something to someone that you have never encountered. Our actions and reactions to life and every day today experiences are  highly influenced by this notion called love.

When you don’t know that you are loved or doubt that you are loved, you go through destructive cycles of bad relationships, struggle with self worth and your identity as a person. Everyone is out to get you and no one is really for you. I have been in such a space, a space of depression and making all the wrong choices because l didn’t see any self worth in myself.

Determine today that you are worthy of love and as such allow God and people to love you. Refuse to allow circumstances and past experiences stop you from experiencing Love. Be kind toward someone today and remind them that God cares for them and loves them deeply.


Love utterances

The sun rose at the glimpse of your face
A view of a gift perfected for a hundred years
Love so pure the expression of true beauty
Our story foretold by a thousand songs
The lights of tomorrow touching our future spoken
A touch of heaven made sense
You are mine and I am yours



Do you have a story to your life, is it a difficult one, is it a bad one,

Okay, we all have the same story regardless of where we were born or under what circumstances that was in.

The difference between our progress in life, is you are still nursing wounds after 39 years.

Opportunity has knocked on your door, infact crawled by your feet, but guess what you have been to self absorbed in your pain to see it.

I read somewhere that nothing lasts forever not even your problems . What you are doing then is prolonging your pain, your problems. It’s called self pity, it’s called excuses , we have all been there.

The issue is that not letting go of that pain consumes your life. A once happy person now is bitter, the kind that makes everyone run. See by nature we want to marvel in our self pity and let everyone know that this is what we have been through.

I bet you that we as Ugandan’s are a force to be reckoned with because we are all passion and all God. When He made you in his image, he didn’t leave out parts of himself . He gave you beauty for ashes, he stored that which was broken even throwing in the holy spirit as a personal guide. If he said that he has given you all things that pertain to life and Godliness he means it. So suck it up pick your self up out of your self pity and sore on wings like an egale.



So  in an average month,  if you stroll through events on social media the biggest ones are leadership conferences,  leadership seminars, leadership gatherings.  My issue is not that they are bad ideas,  my issue is that for people that have alot of these meetings surely something has to give.  Food for thought

In Africa alone,  the track record for presidents a that call themselves smart is endless.  My concern is that these “brilliant” leaders is that they can’t replicate what they know to someone else regardless of if it is there own young people. 

The practicability  of leadership is left static with talk talk and no actual work work ,execute. Back to religious leadership gatherings.  if I am not mistaken the time a average Christian stays in church to listen to the word of God is way more than that spent on doing and retelling people what God is up to.  Sharing this information is not taken as a, serious priority but no one is smart enough to learn more stuff without letting go of some information .
As leaders of tomorrow I say,  share as much as you can through different individuals that are willing to keep the sharing process going.  You can’t be relevant to your family or community if all we do is just talk and no work done.  An artist,  says that Enstin’s theories on relativity and dynamics of economy don’t eradicate poverty because they are only words.  And guess what,  words are cheap anyone can afford them , more action please .



I am Afrika

My feet stamp to the rhythm African drums 

My dark skin glows in the heat of the sunrays

My hips sway to the beat of the Ubuntu drums

Songs of joy and laughter echo from one hill to the mountain stretch

Suddenly my feet fold, my knees give way and stumbling to my knees my heart remembers

My dark skin is caged and called property, third class 

My dance  termed primitive, my hips barely sagging to my sides

The mountains and hills echo endless weeping and sorrow

Ubuntu, a forgotten time, a forgotten people?                           

A pity to wear a cloth to hide what is meant to be beautiful 

Fighting wars we barely understand forgetting where it is we come from

Slowly continuously compromising the person we were born to be

Wake up Afrika before we all end up 3 fit under

It is time, to raise up, can you hear the sound of chains breaking

We are slaves no more

Freedom has come 

The songs are new

The people are ready

This is Afrika 

                           by Florence Babirye



I have been told that if ever I decided to write I would bring the world to its knees[literally].I have existed for 23 years coming to 24 this year, still trying to figure out where I fit in this puzzle. intellect tells us that as human beings we only appear good but we have a “bad” side to the coin. That those that are not capable of “doing the right thing” or showcasing simple emotions like kindness or perhaps sympathy take more to the “bad” side. This is further complicated by belief derived from culture, religious affiliation or simply informed choice. As Florence I find that I am swayed by my untainted belief in GOD.
Now the funny bit is that never the less I am occasionally if not all the time on the “bad side” of the coin. I get upset and I may not have happy kind thoughts in that moment in time. I have been humiliated more times than I can count, wanted to literally stab someone for making me hurt and tried not to kill someone for running their mouth. Again “bad side” tendencies.
I have thus come to the conclusion that IT MUST BE LOVE. What stops me form retaliating to those who hurt me is simply LOVE. Because deep down I know I am LOVED immensely regardless of if I am on the “bad side” or not. My immediate response to a troubled friend out to get me is pity because they have not experienced that LOVE. They are constantly looking towards making someone hurt to fill the emptiness and the void.
I dare you to try it because my friend, IT MUST BE LOVE.